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Sunshine Yellow

la fashion district blog shoot
Last week I showed you all around Hogwarts as a Slytherin, now let me introduce you to a lovely Hufflepuff -- my friend Alex hailing from Arizona. I knew she had a bright yellow skirt in her arsenal and asked her to bring that trademark Hufflepuff colored garment along when we met up in LA.

I've wanted to do more photoshoots with her for a while now, but every time we met up it was simply too hectic -- running around Anime Expo, Comic Con, driving to Seattle... we hardly had time to get dressed let alone take pictures! And this time... well let's just say the rain wasn't exactly accommodating, but that wonderful skirt was the ray of sunshine that was somehow impossibly missing in Southern California that day.

Honestly, it was a bit strange seeing Alex in photo sets where she isn't in costume. Oh yeah, let me back track a little... she sews! She cosplays! She morphs into her favorite anime and game characters, and she makes all of the costumes herself. So imagine my surprise when she showed me photos of this amazing skirt she made. I knew it had to be on my blog.

Without further ado, let's get on with the Q & A with Alex!

cute hufflepuff inspired fashion
Angel: How would you describe your usual style?
Alex: My usual style is pretty slobbish in my opinion. Graphic tees, the same pants, messy hair. I work production at a high market news station so I'm used to rolling out of bed and getting into whatever doesn't smell or look like funk. Most of the time I'm lifting, moving or gripping for someone, so dressing nice isn't on my radar. On the weekends though? I'll put on a flowery top, try for a cute dress and trade my converse for heels. I always want to aim for a smart casual look if I have the energy for it.

Angel: Tell me about what you like to sew and what made you want to make this skirt.
Alex:  I love to sew complex things that are above my skill level. It forces me to learn more so that I can ensure my garment looks professional even if no one is going to scrutinize the hems. I'm mainly self taught (minus a beginners course in high school) so what I know comes from videos, tutorials and books. I never had a real interest in making casual clothes for myself until a friend said she was interested making her own clothes. I thought about how cool it would be to do that, and then I watched a documentary on the fashion industry, fast fashion, and how it's an awful cycle that's toxic. I've been mindful of the environment since I was a child so I thought it would be more environmentally friendly if I were to just make my own clothes that I know will last for longer than one wash.

I have half pride in the skirt. The yellow is an organic cotton blend that was dyed naturally from a distributor in New Mexico. I'm not so proud of the lining which was bought from a cheap fabric store locally. I couldn't find an organic lining that would have worked well with it, and I caved to my own impatience but damn if it isn't cute. If it weren't obscene, I would flip a bit of my skirt to everyone so they could see the cute yellow polka dots under it.

The skirt was basically a gateway for me to think more about my fabric choices and dyes since fabric is like plastic and doesn't decompose quickly once thrown out. I now recycle all of my scrap fabric at a local community recycling center specifically for garments thanks to the city of Tempe.

a hufflepuff in los angeles
Angel: I know you feel more comfortable in costumes, but would you consider sewing more of your own clothes? And what kind of stuff would you make?
Alex: I kind of had an interest in sewing my own pants!! My weight fluctuates, but I could never find the right pair that fits my butt nicely without being too tight or being jeggings. Pants can be tailored beautifully and fit a person well, but to be honest, making pants and shorts confuse the heck out of me. I always have to look up a visual guide to see what side goes where or else I could be sewing the wrong thing together and then the butt is on the front. 

I'm also eager to make my own blazer. Every time I find a nice one and stick my hand in the front pocket, the pocket turns out to be fake! So I immediately turn away. I can't justify buying a blazer for the high price they're asking if there isn't a damn pocket.

Angel: What other fandom inspired street clothes do you want to make?
Alex:  I tend to lean towards the shoujo manga (graphic novels aimed at young female readers) outfits as my inspiration outside of cosplay. A lot of them are dressed well, but a good portion don't translate to real life if they're more fashionable. I'm very picky and hesitant to get out of my bubble to begin with, so not a lot catches my eye. 

When it does, I feel a surge to make what I see immediately. It may just be a skirt or dress or even an accessory. The clothes in manga are sometimes taken from Japanese street fashion so the clothes can appear really eccentric or really fashion forward. I always thought what characters wore in mangas were cool when I was younger, so being able to make what I see for daily wear is absolutely exciting. Especially when people don't know the origin of the garment.

yellow skirt outfit
Angel: Where does a Hufflepuff wear the outfit in this shoot to?
Alex: Storytime? I originally wore my Huffle-outfit for my friend's very first mass as a Catholic priest, so it's quiet special to me. When he told me he wanted to be a priest when we were 15, I said, "I'll go to your first mass if I'm able to." When I found out he was being ordained in Phoenix, I had just started on the skirt and decided it would be a good outfit to go to church in. I paired it with a black top with a gold accent on the chest, my wide brim hat and heels. I wore nothing else and kept it simple. It was scary for me at first because I never wore anything so nice before (not even to church. A first communion dress doesn't count at this point. Nice pants and nice top will do just fine, thank you.)

First time out with the yellow skirt!
I hate it when people look at me out of costume, and I knew the yellow skirt was yelling, "HELLO EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU!" I managed to avoid everyone because I was a bit late for mass, so I sat in my favorite area (the back) and was the first one out because we were promised cake in celebration of my friend being a new priest. Immediately as I was looking around for where to go, an older woman stopped me and said I looked wonderful. I was incredibly surprised because I'd never had a compliment outside of cosplay before. She even wanted to take my picture which was even more surprising. A few more older ladies (and gentlemen) stopped me to compliment my outfit and and another said I was a crafty darling once she learned I had made the skirt myself.

The best moment was when a grandmother said  I looked like a vibrant ray of happiness. It was like she made my fears of wearing something nice melt away. Even though the skirt was so stupidly simple, it felt so encouraging to hear since I admittedly have some low self esteem. 

So to return to the original question, everywhere. I haven't worn the skirt much because the only thing I can think of to pair it with is a black top (I'm not very creative here.) It's the only garment that sits neatly pressed in my closet ready to be worn. I put so much thought into the skirt that I know I will wear it again. When? I have no idea. Once I get out from behind the camera one weekend I might.

how to wear a bright yellow skirt

Want to see Alex in her hand made costumes? Head over to her Instagram or Facebook Page. She's also a fledgling blogger! Check out her blog about everything nerdy under the sun.

Welcome To Hogwarts

slytherin fashion blogger
Hello first years, and congrats on being accepted into hoggy warty Hogwarts. I am the Slytherin head girl and I will be showing you around. Don't worry, I won't shove you into a stairwell, lock the gates, and throw away the key... yet. We Slytherins get a pretty bad rep -- you've probably heard of how that noseless you-know-who was a Slytherin, and so was that snooty ninny Malfoy. But believe me, we're not all bad eggs. We have morals and feelings just like everyone else, except we would prefer to pretend that we don't.

harry potter inspired outfit
Before you put on your house robes to cover up what fantastic outfits you might have, let me tell you about mine. This is what I like to call Slytherin casual -- flaunting my house pride without being overtly obnoxious about it. The scarf is a must, and an essential for wearing to quidditch matches to show your support. Even if your signature Slytherin resting bitch face doesn't openly display team spirit, a sea of silver and emerald in the spectator's stand will show our team we've got their backs. If you want to jinx a Gryffindor to hurl them off their broom, I'll look the other way.

hogwarts house inspired fashion
I hope you packed a coat as it gets quite nippy at Hogwarts. Yes, yes, we get school robes and jumpers, but let's be real here, you don't want to look like any basic squib while out on the town at Hogsmeade. A nice warm coat that's also fly looking will get you some free firewhiskey at The Three Broomsticks Inn, if you know how to work it. But seeing as you're all first years, maybe you should do less drinking and more practicing your Slytherin stride first.

red panda patronus
Oh, have you met my patronus? No, he's not a raccoon! He's a red panda, though the red part escapes him since he is a patronus. If you call him a raccoon, I will pimple jinx you until you get zits where the sun don't shine. By the way, his name is Serial Chiller, and we like to hang out and talk shit about the Gryffindor quidditch captain. Eventually you'll figure out how to conjure a patronus of your own, and we can have a patronus party in the room of requirement, or like, any other hundreds of corridors here at Hogwarts. Are you surprised that a Slytherin can produce a full bodied patronus? It wasn't that hard, I just thought about churros - perhaps the only magical thing that muggles ever invented.

slytherin house outfit
When you attend the patronus party, make sure you're not dressed like a slob. Jammies are comfortable and all, but how are we supposed to put any presentable photos on our official house Instagram if you're dressed like mom just tucked you in? A crisp button down shirt will go a long way if you know how to accessorize it properly. You think those suspenders I'm wearing serves any practical function? Nope, they just make this plain shirt look spiffier. 

hanging out at hogwarts
Well, I know I said I would show you around Hogwarts, but I stopped caring about five minutes ago. The stairs move, the forbidden forest is forbidden, don't eat flying cupcakes... or do, I won't stop you. I hope your time at Hogwarts is every bit as wonderful and magical as you imagined it would be. We can talk again once you get sorted... unless you're sorted into Gryffindor. If that's the case, then you can't sit with us.

slytherin accessories
What's your Hogwarts house and patronus? Let me know in the comments so I know if you can sit with us!

Outfit details: Coat: Target | Shirt, suspenders, skirt, tights: H&M | Necklace: It was a gift | Shoes: Payless | Scarf: Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Wand: I made it!

Fashion Icons in Comic Books

Welcome to Super-FlyDay!

WTF is this, you ask? Didn't ask? Well too bad, let me tell you anyway. On Fridays, allow me send you into the weekend with a grab bag of goodies -- link round ups, features, gag posts, guest posts, guest gag posts... anything goes!

This Super-FlyDay, I'm handing the reins over to my friend Muffins: comic book geek, brother from another mother, comic book geek -- oh wait I already said that... So this is a little out of my usual range of blog topics, but it's always nice to shake things up a bit! I told him to write about what he knows, but do it in the context of fashion, and do not list anyone with spandex. This is what happened. 

Caution: There's a lot of cussing.

Read on!

Fashion Icons in Comic Books
By: Muffins

What do I know about Fashion? Absolutely nothing. What do I know about comics? A lot... Like too much. It is embarrassing how much I know about comics. I am going to take what I know about comics and try to apply it to fashion with what I know. Which as I previously mentioned, is nothing.

Princess Diana of Themyscria

Princess Diana of Themyscria aka Wonder Woman is generally seen wearing her typical outfit -- a breast plate with a tiara and boots. The most important accessory of this outfit is her bracelets which allow her to deflect bullets. I don’t think you can get bracelets like those at any mall near you. They truly are iconic. Not only does this badass wear it well, she drives a freaking invisible jet. Now the jet is driven because she sometimes doesn’t have the ability to flight, but it is possible that she drives that to show off her outfit. Also, there are several times in the comics we see Diana wearing a sort of more traditional Greek style outfit. This is often shown in her origin stories.


Motherfucking Shredder, baby! How can we have a list about comic fashion and not include him? I don’t know, but I’m sure there's someone out there way more qualified for this who can tell me 1000 reasons why he shouldn’t be on this list. Let's take a look at what Shredder wears. Dude has a sick ass metal helmet, a red cape, some sort of gi. A gi if you don’t know, is what people who practice karate wear. Boots with shin guards that have blades coming out the side as well as bracers that do the same. To top it all off, he has some gnarly claws. Shout-out to Bebop and Rocksteady. Tonight we dine on turtle soup.

Jackie Estacado

After Garth Ennis and Steven Dillon finished their masterpiece, Preacher, Ennis went on to write The Darkness. No, not the band that believes in a thing called love, The Darkness in short is about Jackie Estacado -- dude who controls demons. There is a lot more to it, but I’m not here to talk to you about that. Jackie as seen here, with The Darkness is wearing a pretty cool-ass suit. While a lot of people wear suits like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, Jackie kills people in it like an gangster, and that's because Jackie is Mafia. I thought that was cool and wanted to share it with you while subtly plugging Preacher. Also this dude rips people in half, how the hell does that suit never get bloody? Probably has good cleaners.

I was gonna write about M.O.D.O.K but I don’t know, dudes a floating head similar to Krang from TMNT. Google those and be disgusted by them and me for thinking they are fashionable.

Batman has a lot of villains, and most recognizable of all of the villains is the Joker. In Suicide Squad, dude looked like a chode. Normally, the Joker looks like a demented clown in a purple suit, nothing special about that. In The Killing Joke, which I recommend you read as it is considered an important graphic novel in both the comic book world and academia, he has a new outfit. In The Killing Joke, Joker shows up to Barbara Gordon’s house with a Hawaiian shirt on, with a purple hat and a camera. He also has a gun and shoots and paralyzes her, who happens to be Batgirl. However, Joker didn’t realize that Barbara Gordon is also Batgirl, and this enrages Batman. The moral of this story is Hawaiian shirts, they make you do some fucked up shit. Don’t wear them unless you want to be labeled as a goonoloid. Even if you go to Hawaii just fucking don’t.

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

When I think of comics and fashion, there is one thing that keeps coming to my mind, and that is the Infinity Gauntlet. While Thanos was the original to posses the fashionable glove, we are just going to talk about the glove. The Infinity Gauntlet is fashioned with six gem stones, called the infinity gems. There is a green, orange, purple, blue yellow and red one -- each does something different. When combined, they pretty much make the user a god. Thanos in the original series snaps his fingers with it and kills 50 percent of all living things in the entire Marvel Universe. Not only does it look cool, but it's fucking strong.

Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Squirrel Girl.

Honorable mentions for good fashion: Snot Girl, any symbiote victim like Venom and Carnage.(THAT'S NOT SPANDEX, ANGEL, THAT'S AN ALIEN PARASITE!) I would like to also shout out the current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, she is a Muslim American rocking a cool costume. Also Squirrel Girl. She has a special place in my heart because she looks like a dork.

So... that was a thing.
Thank you Muffins, for being the first guest poster on my blog I guess.
Happy Easter, everyone!

Rock n' Roll

rock and roll fashion
Last time Genevieve appeared on my blog, she was glam rock. This time, she returns with more edge, more classic rock. Make absolutely no mistake -- this girl loves music, and you can see it right away in her style.

We walked through Los Feliz when we took these photos -- for those of you who aren't familiar with Los Angeles, it's a neighborhood wedged between hipsterville Silver Lake and Hollywood. Basically, a place that's an amalgamation of the two, combining so-trendy-it-hurts-your-teeth charm and mainstream razzle dazzle.

Of course, it's also the perfect backdrop for this particular going out on the town Gen outfit. Her closet is a treasure trove for every occasion, and for someone like me -- a homebody who prefers to melt on the couch, it's genuinely intriguing to have her put on something she would wear to a concert. That is, not the opera or philharmonic like in the last post.

leather fashionista in los angeles
She breaks it down for me.

First, that amazing jacket with shoulders that look like they can slay a man:

The jacket is Robert Rodriguez. The sleeves and waist are detachable by zipper which provides 4 different looks -  I thought it was just such a clever design!

Second, and of course, something to show her love and appreciation for heavy duty rock:

The tee is Brandy Melville.  Like everything else from that brand, this shirt is so soft and comfy, and I live in it. I am a Zeppelin fan and own a few shirts, but this by far is my favorite.

And to pull the whole look together:

And finally, the pants are Ralph Lauren in black leather. I think I wear them to pretty much every concert I go to because I just always feel so Rock & Roll when I put them on.

rock concert going out outfit

I pointed out that her wardrobe is full of sleek pieces with great silhouettes, and asked if that was something she applies to both more formal and casual looks:

Oh thanks! Yeah, I feel like more fitted and structured garments look better on my frame because I'm shorter, but I also like the aesthetic of structured pieces - they give a more polished look.

And lastly, the most important question of all... I asked if she appreciates lederhosen?

I love the lederhosen!

And I love saying lederhosen! It's definitely not something I can pull off myself, but who cares, because they look amazing on her!

Queen On A Dime

how to feel like a queen
How do you dress like royalty when your budget is tighter than those one pair of skinny jeans that you ordered in the wrong friggin size?

I haven't the faintest idea when I was first planning this shoot.

But I do think the concept of royalty is up for debate. Hear me out.

When my friend and I challenged ourselves to our annual tradition -- selfie off, we initially intended for it to explore creativity and photography. Over the span of a few weeks, we would take 'selfies' and edit them to our liking. And I put the selfie in quotes because we have veered from your every day front phone camera pictures to whipping out our DSLRs, tripods, remotes, and other fancy schmancy set ups.
dressing royal on a budget
Over the last year to now, we started to elaborate on the idea of just plain photographing ourselves and assigned themes to abide by. This year being the first year that my blog has materialized into existence, I decided to throw fashion and personal style into the mix.

And the theme for this shoot, if you haven't already guessed, is royalty.

Now, I'm not someone who has drawers full of jewelry, nor do I have the budget for hand embroidered gowns, diamond clad accessories, or designer shoes that cost more than 3 months worth of rent. If anything, I feel more like a pauper princess.

But guess what, I hereby declare that I am royalty in my own right. And that, my lovely subjects, is that I am the queen of arts and crafts.

queen dress up
My point is, you don't need to be shrouded in big name labels to be queen for a day. You go find something that you enjoy, that you love spending time on, that you're good at, or practicing to be good at, something you're passionate about, and you own that shit. Wear your passion like a badge of honor.

For this theme, I proclaimed myself queen of arts and crafts by crocheting a crown. I might be a beginner, made tons of mistakes (that thankfully do not show up in these photos) but I truly loved every minute of the 4 hours it took to construct it.

crochet crown outfit
The red coat (with removable faux fur collar) is something I've had for a long time, and nothing I'm wearing in this set cost more than $35. But once the finished crown went on my head, I felt pretty damned royal, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

So what is your royal claim to fame? Perhaps you are the queen of painting, programming, writing, quantum physics, blogging even? The world is yours to grab by the balls.

*Curtsies out.*

Outfit details: Crochet crown: I made it with my hands! The site with the pattern has disappeared or I'd link it. | Choker, coat, shirt: Forever 21 | Leggings, shoes: Target

Round Up - Leap into Spring Edition

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WTF is this, you ask? Didn't ask? Well too bad, let me tell you anyway. On Fridays, allow me send you into the weekend with a grab bag of goodies -- link round ups, features, gag posts, guest posts, guest gag posts... anything goes!

check out these bloggers!
We're kicking off the first Super-FlyDay with a compilation of fashion bloggers ushering in the spring with their unique styles.

Palm Beach, Florida proves to be a warm weathered haven for this magnificent and bold off the shoulder shirt. I don't think I've seen anything remotely like it even as a compulsive window shopper.
Oh, and that star choker? As someone slightly obsessed with stars and constellations, I would trample over some people just to have something like it.

Speaking of off shoulder, Deb here is making me jealous with her adorable dress.

Light woven fabric is quite possibly the most comfortable type of material to wear when the weather starts to heat up, and they gently scream, "Wanna look cute but it's too hot to feel like you even want to put on clothes? Don't worry, I got you!" 

The look reminds me of warm sunsets, flowery meadows, ivy covered cottages, apple pies at a picnic... you get the idea. It's easy peasy whimsy.

It's also nostalgia, simplicity, and of course, cuteness all wrapped into one.

See, Eliza right here is why I love to blog about personal style. I can never dream of even remotely pulling off a look like this, but seeing her wear athleisure with such fierceness is like... mind blown. (What do you mean I don't exercise? I do, by lifting pizza directly to my face!)

I do really, really love those shorts, as I do have some kind of weird obsession with anything shiny. If anyone were to go out for a run, I would expect them to wear something on this awesome level or go home!

Pairing it with a vividly bright yellow bag? HELL YES. The world needs more yellow, and I'm incredibly amped that it looks like it's going to be a color that's gonna hit the ground running this season. (I have yet to experience it though, in my part of the world, it's still winter! ARGH!)

This jacket is truly one of a kind. There's a lot going on there, and I'm mesmerized!

Wanna keep warm but don't wanna blend into the crowd? Rachel's jacket right here has got your back! (HA! GET IT? Ok I will keep the puns to a minimum from now on.)

I think garments nowadays have really lost a sense of detailed embellishment, and this jacket slaps that in the face with its bold colors and mix of unique textures.

Oh, and there are two other jackets on Rachel's blog post that are perfect for spring!

Carefree Blonde
So, now that you've seen a plethora of different styles for spring, where can you wear these fantastic ideas to?

Let Emily be your tour guide! I was able to travel vicariously through her blog to Paris!

Have you been to Paris?

I sure haven't, but I would like to!

Emily's post really triggered my wanderlust -- all those photos of the incredible architectural details of Notre Dame, the Parisian skyline under a blanket of dramatic clouds... I'm ready to book myself a one way ticket there.

So, this concludes my first Super-FlyDay round up post! Hope you enjoyed it, were inspired by these incredible ladies, and I wish you all a great weekend.

PS. Feel free to comment with a link to your blog if you want to be in future round up posts!

Zero In On Your Style

what is your personal style?
For a personal style blogger, I have to say that I really didn't have much of a style until the last two or so years. Everything has been somewhat of a trial and error because I had trouble identifying exactly what I wanted to say via what I chose to wear. Sometimes I just got too flustered and went with a mish-mash of elements that I liked in theory, but didn't necessarily work well together. It takes time to whittle down what works, what doesn't, and slowly grow your wardrobe with items that complement you.

So, I put together a little questionnaire to help zero in on what exactly my style consists of. Maybe this can also help anyone out there who haven't the faintest idea how to have a consistent look to go for. Feel free to answer these! I'd love to see what you have to say.

iron on patches are all the rage.
But first, let me talk a little bit about the outfit I'm wearing for this post. Is it me? Oh yes, very -- there's a line between childish and casual, and I love to trample all over it. I was so happy that the denim overall dress came back into trend over the fall and winter (albeit it being entirely too cold to wear while I was in Vancouver), but on its own it was a little too bland for me. In comes iron on patches to the rescue! They're everywhere nowadays, so finding something that resonates with you wouldn't be all that difficult. I love it when things are a little adorable and a little rude. Bonus points when there are rainbows involved.

The red jacket is one of those things that can easily be paired with just about anything -- sometimes when I don't have the willpower to dress myself like a decent human, I can throw that on over a hot mess, and it provides the pop of color that screams, "I swear I know what I'm doing!"

rude iron on patch is rude
And as for thigh high socks? Well honestly I wish all my socks are thigh high. I would truly wear them in lieu of pants forever if that little gap up top didn't kill me when the temperature drops below freezing. But I will vouch for them hardcore as a spring and fall staple.

Enough rambling about my outfit, and onto the questions! Grab your pens and notebooks!

What colors do you gravitate towards?
Generally pastels -- teal, pink, lavender are my favorites. Basically I want to look like an Easter basket.

What colors do you avoid?
Black, grey, beige. I don't not like black, but I have a cat that sheds tornado fur balls, and I don't have the patience to run a lint roller over everything five times before heading out of the house. As for grey and beige, they're just too monotone for me. I feel like it's a camouflage for asphalt and dirt.

a questionnaire to help you identify your style
What silhouette/shape do you love?
Fit and flare -- fitted tops and skirts with volume. I don't really have a waist (naturally shaped like a refrigerator), so anything that poofs on the bottom gives the the illusion of having that hour glass shape.

If you have to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
Alexander McQueen. Baroque, hell yes. There's a real sense of brand consistency when it comes to McQueen, and their current creative director Sarah Burton certainly carried the torch beautifully. For me, McQueen is the stuff of fairy tales, royalty, and phantasm.

Do you shop for quality or quantity or both?
For financial reasons I generally go for quantity. It gives me more chances to mix things up. I do appreciate the longevity of quality made items, and maybe when I have a better paying job I'd stick my nose into exploring that more.

What is the most pesky problem you have while buying clothes, and how do you compensate for it?
Everything is really short on me because I'm tall. Good thing I like to sew -- I've made a few bloomers in different colors to wear underneath dresses and skirts so it's not butt cheek city when summer rolls around.

how to dress for your personality
What personality traits are you expressing when you make your style choices?
I think I tend to veer towards dark personality-wise, am sarcastic and self-deprecating. I feel like a contradiction a lot of the time, so I like to offset the darker parts of myself with colorful for that unpredictability factor. Basically, think cute but might stab you quietly while listening to Avril Lavigne.

What era in time do you feel best illustrates your style?
It's a mixed bag, really. There are a lot of elements from each decade that I appreciate, but only if they're re-purposed into something new. For example, feed sack prints from the 30's are absolutely incredible, but shape wise I'd dip back to the Baroque era. If there were a mix of those two, I'd lose my bloody mind.

List three adjectives that describe you.
Logical, creative, head in the clouds. These things seem contradictory, but when I'm spaced out with my head in the clouds, I'm probably trying to figure out the most efficient way to do something.

List three adjectives that describe your style. How do they complement or contrast the above?
Colorful, childish, whimsical. I think they do illustrate the creative and head in the clouds aspects. As for logical, I swear there's a method to the madness. Piecing together outfits from a wardrobe of many colors certainly requires some kind of logic. At least I hope.

heart shaped sunnies are the best
So, how did you answer these questions? Did they help you assess your style a little bit better?

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte

Outfit details: Jacket: Joe Fresh | Shirt, overalls: H&M | Bunny patch: Daiso| Rainbow patch: Pygmy Hippo Shoppe | Socks: Target | Shoes: Ardene | Watch: Linjer | Sunglasses: Some guy at Venice Beach.