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Zero In On Your Style

what is your personal style?
For a personal style blogger, I have to say that I really didn't have much of a style until the last two or so years. Everything has been somewhat of a trial and error because I had trouble identifying exactly what I wanted to say via what I chose to wear. Sometimes I just got too flustered and went with a mish-mash of elements that I liked in theory, but didn't necessarily work well together. It takes time to whittle down what works, what doesn't, and slowly grow your wardrobe with items that complement you.

So, I put together a little questionnaire to help zero in on what exactly my style consists of. Maybe this can also help anyone out there who haven't the faintest idea how to have a consistent look to go for. Feel free to answer these! I'd love to see what you have to say.

iron on patches are all the rage.
But first, let me talk a little bit about the outfit I'm wearing for this post. Is it me? Oh yes, very -- there's a line between childish and casual, and I love to trample all over it. I was so happy that the denim overall dress came back into trend over the fall and winter (albeit it being entirely too cold to wear while I was in Vancouver), but on its own it was a little too bland for me. In comes iron on patches to the rescue! They're everywhere nowadays, so finding something that resonates with you wouldn't be all that difficult. I love it when things are a little adorable and a little rude. Bonus points when there are rainbows involved.

The red jacket is one of those things that can easily be paired with just about anything -- sometimes when I don't have the willpower to dress myself like a decent human, I can throw that on over a hot mess, and it provides the pop of color that screams, "I swear I know what I'm doing!"

rude iron on patch is rude
And as for thigh high socks? Well honestly I wish all my socks are thigh high. I would truly wear them in lieu of pants forever if that little gap up top didn't kill me when the temperature drops below freezing. But I will vouch for them hardcore as a spring and fall staple.

Enough rambling about my outfit, and onto the questions! Grab your pens and notebooks!

What colors do you gravitate towards?
Generally pastels -- teal, pink, lavender are my favorites. Basically I want to look like an Easter basket.

What colors do you avoid?
Black, grey, beige. I don't not like black, but I have a cat that sheds tornado fur balls, and I don't have the patience to run a lint roller over everything five times before heading out of the house. As for grey and beige, they're just too monotone for me. I feel like it's a camouflage for asphalt and dirt.

a questionnaire to help you identify your style
What silhouette/shape do you love?
Fit and flare -- fitted tops and skirts with volume. I don't really have a waist (naturally shaped like a refrigerator), so anything that poofs on the bottom gives the the illusion of having that hour glass shape.

If you have to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
Alexander McQueen. Baroque, hell yes. There's a real sense of brand consistency when it comes to McQueen, and their current creative director Sarah Burton certainly carried the torch beautifully. For me, McQueen is the stuff of fairy tales, royalty, and phantasm.

Do you shop for quality or quantity or both?
For financial reasons I generally go for quantity. It gives me more chances to mix things up. I do appreciate the longevity of quality made items, and maybe when I have a better paying job I'd stick my nose into exploring that more.

What is the most pesky problem you have while buying clothes, and how do you compensate for it?
Everything is really short on me because I'm tall. Good thing I like to sew -- I've made a few bloomers in different colors to wear underneath dresses and skirts so it's not butt cheek city when summer rolls around.

how to dress for your personality
What personality traits are you expressing when you make your style choices?
I think I tend to veer towards dark personality-wise, am sarcastic and self-deprecating. I feel like a contradiction a lot of the time, so I like to offset the darker parts of myself with colorful for that unpredictability factor. Basically, think cute but might stab you quietly while listening to Avril Lavigne.

What era in time do you feel best illustrates your style?
It's a mixed bag, really. There are a lot of elements from each decade that I appreciate, but only if they're re-purposed into something new. For example, feed sack prints from the 30's are absolutely incredible, but shape wise I'd dip back to the Baroque era. If there were a mix of those two, I'd lose my bloody mind.

List three adjectives that describe you.
Logical, creative, head in the clouds. These things seem contradictory, but when I'm spaced out with my head in the clouds, I'm probably trying to figure out the most efficient way to do something.

List three adjectives that describe your style. How do they complement or contrast the above?
Colorful, childish, whimsical. I think they do illustrate the creative and head in the clouds aspects. As for logical, I swear there's a method to the madness. Piecing together outfits from a wardrobe of many colors certainly requires some kind of logic. At least I hope.

heart shaped sunnies are the best
So, how did you answer these questions? Did they help you assess your style a little bit better?

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte

Outfit details: Jacket: Joe Fresh | Shirt, overalls: H&M | Bunny patch: Daiso| Rainbow patch: Pygmy Hippo Shoppe | Socks: Target | Shoes: Ardene | Watch: Linjer | Sunglasses: Some guy at Venice Beach.

Postmodern Fashion: A Clash of Eras

silver zara jacket
Varsity jacket, metallic jacket, sushi shirt, perky blonde ponytail. You'd think she walked right out of some obscure cartoon in which the 80's, 90's, and present time all melded together... But no, this is Meghan, one of the first people I met when I moved to Vancouver in 2011. We met at work, and back then we both toiled at a dusty work environment, and neither of us wore anything that resembled what we actually wore off the clock. I had no idea what her sense of style was until we started hanging out outside of work -- on weekends, it was like colors and textures just suddenly exploded. Frankly, she taught me a lot about fashion. I was still rocking theonehoodie™ some days, too uninspired to try on new things back then. I have to say, over the course of years, she did have a huge influence on how I decide to style myself.

We've done numerous photoshoots prior to me starting this blog -- she was a helpful volunteer model for me to practice my photography on. And now, I will probably be hounding her to appear here more often than not. And for good reason too -- she brings a lively, vibrant palette that really jives with my aesthetics. For this post, we talk a bit about her style.

jacket layering with sushi shirt
Angel: Tell me about your sense of style.
Meghan: I really like a clash of eras, so I like to draw upon different influences from pop culture. For example, the silver jacket is inspired by the character Vince Noir from the Mighty Boosh who wears an amazing mirror ball suit... and he's kind of one of my style icons. I also have an interest in contemporary fashion in terms of what's popular, but I tend to pick a particular track of what's popular. For a while, I shopped mostly at vintage stores, and I think my style is still influenced by vintage fashion. For instance, the varsity jacket to me is always kind of an Archie comic reference. Particularly in red and white.

a very Canadian salute on a pile of snow.
Angel: You really like the varsity jackets.
Meghan: It's kind of athletic, but not athletic wear. It has some superhero-y references. Like Captain Canada.

Angel: And the layering of both jackets?
Meghan: The decision to layer 2 jackets is a very practical one based on Vancouver winter.

Angel: What about the rest of the outfit?
Meghan: I want to say something about the sushi shirt, but I don't know what to say. It's just fucking awesome.

zara silver jacket, asos varsity jacket, h&m sushi shirt.
Angel: Are there any other style influences?
Meghan: I feel like my style is very post modern in some ways, because I would draw on influences from every time period as inspiration. I'm very interested in the line between costume and street wear, and something that would be acceptable to wear without looking like a costume.  I recently realized that there are a lot of style icons from 90's television that continue to influence me. For example, agent Scully from the X-Files -- she is the reason I wear pearl earrings today... Much to my embarrassment.

zara silver jacket embroidery details on back
Angel: This is the first time I've taken pictures of you while dancing with headphones on full blast. That was totally your call.
Meghan: There's a danger when being photographed that you can look too posed, and I wanted to figure out a way to subvert it, so I played some very loud music and I couldn't hear anything you were saying. And people were laughing at us while we were shooting. 

Angel: Anything else you liked about this shoot?
Meghan: We shot part of this at Aberdeen Centre, and I think that was appropriate, because after having lived in Vancouver for over a decade, I think that certain aspects of Japanese and more broadly, Asian fashion has had a slight influence. The sushi shirt fits into that. And embracing cutesy things as well. 

boba tea, the fashion blogger's drink of choice.
Angel: What do you gravitate towards when shopping for clothes?
Meghan: When I'm shopping, the first thing I look for is bright colors -- anything bold or silver, and I always look for patterns as well. I also design patterns, so I'm always looking for pattern inspiration. I really like things that I feel reference something in culture. For example, things looks like a Michael Jackson jacket or something that Vince Noir would wear. I like things that are playful, and there's often some aspect of the ridiculous in most of my outfits. 

Angel: What do you stay away from?
Meghan: Beige. Not a fan of army green. And wide pants.

giant gudetama plushies
Angel: What do you think of being on my fashion blog?
Meghan: You're always going to try extra hard when you're appearing on a blog, it won't necessarily what you wear every day, because it should be a bit extra. That said, this is an outfit I wear on any given day, so it's still accurate. I'm not trespassing.

PS. For anyone who's wondering what a mirror ball suit is, here is a link to the clip. You won't be disappointed by the sheer glitz and holographic magic that will dazzle your eyes. 

Follow Meghan on her Tumblr or Instagram.

Taking A Sick Day

fashion blog everyday girl

What to wear to lounge around in on a sick day? Lace. Lots of lace. I'm not talking about racy lacy, but comfortable, snuggly lace. Yes, such things do exist, and will make your stuffy nosed, head ached, fever ridden existence just a tad better -- because even if you're sick, you can still feel some semblance of being a presentable human. My cozy lace sweater and crochet lace shorts were everything I needed to stop being a snotty slob and get working on my blog. Why be sick when you can be fashionably sick?

slytherins wear lace

Some seasons just gently graze along gently at first, but then punches you right in the face (and sinuses). I had almost cruised through the entire winter with no illnesses, but when it hit me last week, it hit hard. Between the DayQuil and NyQuil and tissue hoarding, I was dwindling into an unrecognizable frizzy haired cave yeti after a few days. I was itching to get a photo-set lined up for my weekly Monday posts, but going outside into the cold with camera gear was just... not very appealing.

fashion blogger stays at home, wears a lot of lace

Something happened when I finally changed out of my baggy sweatpants (that will never see the light of day outside of my apartment), and semi-brushed my hair. On one hand, I'm still in some sort of lounge wear, but on the other hand, my lounge wear is now cute as hell and I felt... more alive. That soft salmon pink was optimistic, the lace chipped away at the building sedimentary grunge, and by some miracle, the sun peeked out (even if it was just for a few hours.)

blue hair don't care

So how do you handle sickness? Do you sleep until it's gone? Or are you like me -- forcing yourself to work work work until you can't feel your face anymore? If you're the latter, then please take a moment, slow down, make yourself some tea, and listen up.

Self care is essential.

It's a hard lesson to learn, and it still eludes me because I have that mentality of wanting to power through any kind hindrance to getting shit done. I wanted stuff to do, wanted my mind to be occupied even though my brain was screaming for me to take a break.

everything is pink and white

So here's a sick day check list of DUH, aka. a lot of things I forgot to do... Just a friendly reminder to:
  • HYDRATE! Keep a few bottles of water around you at all times!
  • EAT! Fresh fruit would be best. Absorb those vitamins.
  • HOT SHOWER! It'll clear up your nose and get you warm. (Don't look at me like I didn't shower, I only skipped a day... or two. Don't tell anyone.)
  • REST! Something I didn't do as I went down the feverish rabbit hole of reading, researching, and for some reason, doodling Pomeranian puppies for 4 hours at 3am.
  • CHANGE! By this I mean your clothes. When I couldn't be arsed to change out of my ugly sweats and cat hair coated t-shirt, it actually began to drag me down mood-wise. Putting on fresh, comfy, clean clothes (cute ones if possible) really snapped me out of my haze.
  • LAUGH! Even if you're down (physically or otherwise) laughing at dumb things is a sure fire panacea. During this whole week, I've exhausted all the stand-up comedy I could on Netflix. I'm generally not a stand-up lover, but wow, it really did wonders to lift my mood a lot.
Take care, everyone. See you next week!

P.S. It's my birthday today! Make me happy and go check out my Instagram | Pinterest | FB | Bloglovin

Outfit details: Hooded shirt: Forever 21| Pink lace sweater: Target | Shorts: I got these so long ago I honestly don't remember.| Penguin pom-pom socks: A gift from one of the coolest people I know. Love youuuuu~

Lunar Gala: Illuminating the Runway

led light fashion gown
Photo: Jason Chen
Fashion forward became an entirely new concept to me these past few months as I dipped a toe into the magical world of LED lights and fashion -- clothing that light up the stage. The past two months, I helped my friend Pauline put together a gown for a fashion show -- not just any gown, but one that entailed intense, numerous hours of combining the old world practice of hand embroidery with new world technology of wearable mini LED lights sewn right into the dress.

Pauline designed, drafted, and sewed the gown, she also designed the embroidery, taught me how to embroider, and MacGuyver'd a way to wire and affix the lights to the dress. She was a one woman fashion tornado, and the result was breathtaking. All of our hours of late night sweat and tears (and blood from poking ourselves with needles) really paid off as Liz walked down the runway with lights twinkling and sequins sparkling. It was enchanting and unforgettable.

I had a little Q&A with Pauline about this project.

Photo: Jason Chen
What is the Lunar Gala? How did you become involved in the show?
Lunar Gala is student run fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University, where I went to college for several years. I think it started off as a mostly Asian student organization run celebration of Lunar New Year, with student designed clothing collections (of 6-8 outfits) featuring traditional themed performances like the Lion Dance in-between lines. Over the years, its evolved to be more sophisticated (this year there were huge LED screens with projections), and progressively less about Lunar New Year. The show just celebrated its 20th year running, and I think it’s now the largest non-fashion school show in the US?

I got involved in Oct 2008, for the February 2009 show. I had attended the show the year before, and was blown away with how cool the designs were and how much people were able to achieve not only creatively but technically as well. I think the show I attended had some dresses made fully out of sheet metal? It was crazy and amazing, and as someone who was starting out in fashion design, I knew I had to get involved. Ultimately I made an 8 piece collection based around flowers and floral prints, and received great feedback which really gave me confidence about starting a career in fashion.

This year, my friend told me they were starting an Alumni Association for LG, and wanted to debut an alum designed line within the show. The idea was to bring back involvement from alums and encourage them to donate back into LG, in order to give scholarships and mentorship to current students. Since LG had made such a big impact on my personal career choices, I applied to showcase a dress and was accepted as one of 10 alumni designers. My intention was to show current students what the possibilities for the future were, and offer myself up as an advisor if they needed help with their own works.

hand embroidery details

What inspired the concept of your design?
As it turns out, my concept was based upon the most recent MET gala show theme, Manus x Machina, a combination of past and future technology in fashion and its impact on the industry. This boiled down to an interest in a gown inspired by the digital age that would showcase old technology (ie. embroidery) and new technology (i.e. conductive thread and LEDs). My design was rooted in the idea that as we increasingly become dependent on the digital world, it has become like a vein for society... a lifeblood almost. I wanted to create a dress that encompasses both traditional and digital elements, with an Arduino server in the center of the bodice that will represent the "heart" and led veins leading out of it. I included embroidery of flowers on the bodice as a nod to my original collection for LG.

Photo: Jason Chen
Where did you learn to embroider and how did it fit into your vision for the gown?
I’ve always been interested in the delicate handwork embroidery used by couture houses like Chanel and Dior and Elli Saab. I learned the basics of the type of embroidery they commonly use, known as Lesage embroidery or tambour embroidery, in which a thin needle with a hook is used to sew beads onto taut fabric in a frame. Once I had exhausted the resources I could find online, I looked for schools that taught this old art and ultimately took a class at Ecole Lesage, based in Paris, last summer. In the short amount of time I was able to study there, I realized that embroidery was not only my passion but something I am extremely proficient at.

This all fit into my vision for my gown since it would be the most “couture” element of the dress, and would show off a set of more traditional dressmaking techniques.

flower embroidery detail

What was the most difficult part of constructing this garment?
For me, the most difficult part of constructing this garment was making decisions on what was feasible to make given time constraints as well as what I was able to do with my limited knowledge of electronics. There were obviously a lot of new techniques to me that I had to learn quickly, like how to wire the electronics and how to program the Adafruit chip.

How have your designs evolved from the time you went to school to now attending as an alumni?
I think my designs have evolved in subtle ways since college. I think now I am more aware of what is flattering for body types and what style lines will emphasize the curvature of the form. I think my taste in fabrics has also refined — I’m much more willing to use bold prints and other fabrics I might have not been comfortable using before. This is all due to an increase in technical knowledge on clothing construction and design — the more I know about how things are supposed to be made, the more ability I have to fiddle around and see if I can do things differently.

...And now, watch the gown in action!

Gown design & construction: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte, Angel Lynne.  | Model: Liz Martindale | Runway photography: Jason Chen

An Elegy For My Favorite Pants

happy beach day

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? Does it feel like home when you put it on?

Let me tell you the story of a pair of pants that will always have a special place in my heart.

My favorite pair of jeans had the never-fail combo of fit, comfort, and longevity. They have hugged my butt and legs for a long time, and looking back, it was actually amazing that I had been able to keep one pair of denims for so long. 9 whopping years! Nothing else in my life seems to have the same iron-man endurance as this pair of Levi's. Two countries of residences, three apartments, and numerous hair colors later, it was finally time that they bid me farewell. My trusty rump companion shredded at the inner thigh, an irreparable mortal wound.

channeling the 90's

They were my first foray into skinny jeans, and were the only pair that stayed skinny throughout the years. Back in 2008, I was still not quite taken with the idea tight pants. I thought that tight pants were in fact, not tight. But a friend of mine dragged me to a Levi's store one day because she was in the market for a new pair of jeans. I instantly fell in love when I was taught to do 'the pants dance' in order to wiggle into this particular pair of jeans.

pink striped tank and cat hoodie

"If you can put them on without doing the dance, then they're not skinny enough," she said as she demonstrated by shimmying and jumping in such a manner that made her look like a struggling interpretive dancer. I felt ridiculous as I copied her movements to get these pants on, while wholly believing they were way too small the entire time.

But alas, once they were on, I was a believer.

And they have faithfully been with me through the seasons, the wild parties, the long work days, the happy times, the heartbreaks...

This photoshoot was done on the day that fateful rip happened. And so, it is such a poetic goodbye to them as I type this blog post with a heavy heart -- my first trek into anti-anti-fashion will be immortalized in a fashion blog. They will be imprinted in my memory in all their jolly sunny beach day glory.

heart shaped sunglasses are the best sunglasses

So what do I do with them now? I'm learning to let go of a lot of things at this particular stage in my life... cleaning out my apartment, selling off old things, declutter, declutter, declutter. My sentimental side screams for me to keep them, but my practical side whispers, "Let go~"

Just in case you didn't know, H&M has a great garment recycling program. Simply drop your old clothes off at any H&M store, and they will either rewear, reuse, or recycle your old clothes. If you have stuff that are just a bit too tattered to donate, you can be earth-friendly and send them to be reincarnated into something useful instead of straight to a landfill.

A fitting place to send my old friend to, wouldn't you say?

farewell to my favorite levi's jeans

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte

Outfit details: Hoodie: Target | Heaadphones: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Madewell | Sunglasses: Literally bought them off some guy at the beach | Shirt: Urban Behavior | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Ardene | Bag: It was given away from a USC football game.

Location, Location, Location!

black dress with holographic accessories

I can't stress enough how much a great location can be your biggest asset when shooting an outfit. And I say this as a photographer first, and a blogger second. (And most definitely a stickler for outdoor natural light in both cases!)

When I set up shoots with models/clients, I generally like to get a feel of what outfits they want to bring, and what mood and aesthetic they want to get out of it, then pick a location that would complement the overall look. Important things to keep in mind are textures, colors, and depth. A colorful wall is well and good, but having a flat background is extremely limiting. A background isn't just a haphazard thing, it is the thread that ties your entire look together into one cohesive package. So, with a little scouting, a little bit of Google Street View, a little bit of just knowing the city you live in and where all the good nooks and crannies are, and you should be able to compile a great list of locations for future shoots.

silver jacket glitter shoes

Are you going for whimsy? Find a place with lots of foliage or old school architecture. Looking for something more edgy? Find exposed brick and dense alleyways. Another thing to keep in mind is how the light would hit a certain spot at a particular time of day. I live in Vancouver, a city notoriously overcast and rainy most of the year, so any added shadows would be something to avoid.

wearing metallics like a champ

On an afternoon walk, I stumbled upon possibly the best apartment complex in Pasadena Its pastel exterior trimmed with even more pastel stair case railings was a perfect setting for a retro-futuristic feel. I felt like I stepped into some kind of 50's Americana paradise, where dreams of flying cars and robot butlers were alive and well. Its palette is soft yet bright, and there were tons of shapes (straight and curved edges alike) to play with. It is nostalgic, but packed a clean futuristic punch at the same time. Oh the joys of discovering wonderful places to shoot while low key taking a walk!  With this particular outfit, I felt like Judy Jetson finally decided to ditch the overwhelming Pepto pink for something a bit less kitschy, and more holographic (welcome to the future!) My belt (that a friend aptly dubbed, "Dat Lisa Frank belt!") is shiny, and jacket even shinier -- it was great contrast against the soft background palette.

found the best photoshoot location for this outfit

Side note: I don't think I need to stress how much I love shiny things. But I really, really love shiny things!

So, I suggest you drop pins on compelling places you visit, stroll by, or happen to find when you're absolutely lost. There are a lot of gems that you wouldn't even think about twice if you were just passing by, but I assure you that if you go out with the mindset of your wardrobe (or someone else's wardrobe) in mind, your map will start to fill up over time, and you'll have a fat catalog of endless locations you can use to your advantage.

dreaming of flying to space one day

Photo & makeup cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte
Outfit details: Jacket: Target | Dress: Bluenotes | Choker & Belt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Ardene

Productivity Cheat Sheet

staying focused at wework

I do that thing. That thing where I sit down to get to work, with every intention to knock out a killer blog post, but then suddenly remember that I wanted to make enchiladas for dinner. So I start looking up recipes, and before I know it, Im butt deep in memes and halfway through season 17 of Law and Order SVU.

Also, it's 10pm, and I completely forgot about the enchiladas.

Being sidetracked and then being sidetracked from being sidetracked seems to be a running theme with me recently, so I put together a handy dandy cheat sheet of things to do to encourage less dilydallying and more getting your shit done. 

who says you can't look cute while going to work?

Ready, Set, Listen!
Make a work playlist of podcasts or music that will help you get into the zone. Make it as long as you possibly can so you don't have to fiddle with it while you're in the middle of working. 

Set a Timer
I recently started setting timers as I worked to keep track of how long I've been doing a task, and how long I've been taking a break. It is super helpful for those times when it feels like time is going by too fast or too slow and I just can't tell anymore. When you're done, you can see how long you've spent on a project and learn how to optimize your time. I use the app Timesheet for this (Android). My iPhone using friend swears by Flexishift.

Chuck Your Phone
My phone is the biggest source of distraction for me. Sometimes I work for four minutes and suddenly remember I meant to tweet that hilarious photo of my cat scooting his butt across the floor. A slight buzz sounds, and I frantically poke at the screen to see if dude in question is texting me or if it's just that same number that keeps calling to inform me I've won a free cruise and all I have to do is enter my credit card number, again. There are entirely too many things to do on a phone, and it's detrimental to productivity, so I came up with a quick solution -- put your phone where it's out of comfortable reach. I don't mean tie it to a rock and chuck it into the ocean, just simply out of the radius of your arm's reach so you'd have to get up to go get it. Laziness can be used to your advantage.

glitter and gold heart printed shirt makes me happy

Take Breaks
Sometimes I power through things for too long, and get really frazzled and grumpy as I crash. Taking frequent short (3 - 5 minute) breaks every half hour or so can be really refreshing and help you refocus on the task at hand with less brain glitches. Set alarms so you know when to get up and decompress a little.

Fuel Yourself
No energy brain = no working brain. Make sure you have some snacks every once in a while to keep up the momentum. By that I don't mean pure delicious trash like chips and donuts. While those are certainly tempting, I opt for bananas, the most magical of fruits to keep me fueled and happy.

posing under a neon sign

Go Somewhere
I find that working at home is by far the least productive place for me. Whether it's the temptation to just fire up HBO Go or to slouch so low on the couch that it feels like I have melted into the cushions, it's not the best place for work. In public, I get a little boost of determination to at least keep up with the appearance that I'm working and being productive, and that in turn helps me to actually get real work done. Cafes definitely do the trick, but if $5 lattes every day start to get a bit steep, the library is the place to go.

Look Cute!
Last but not least, dress like you're ready to kick some serious work butt! If you're dressed to feel like you're in it for a productive ass kicking work session, you will end up kicking the aforementioned ass.

What are your productivity hacks? Let me know because I need all the help I can get.

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte
Outfit details: Shirt: Target | Necklace: Madewell | Jeans: Genetic | Denim Jacket: Blank NYC | Hair Bow: H&M | Shoes: Forever 21 | Backpack: Amazon